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Coltart Music is Steven Coltart, a full-time audio professional offering bespoke music themes, soundscapes, drones & sound effects.

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Composing the soundtrack to dark, drama TV series hYve

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Heres a preview from my current project, the soundtrack to dark, drama TV series hYve. Two women: the socialite Deborah Williams and her Malaysian maid Jen are held captive in…

EPIC & Emotional Trailer Album Composed for Australian TV!

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Here are seven tracks from my latest production library album. Listen out for them on Australian TV!

EPIC Soundtrack to be composed for MMORPG Divine Heroes!

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Pleased to announce that I have started scoring the official soundtrack to MMORPG Divine Heroes. Lots more to come about this game over the next 12-months, but here’s the first…

OST for side scrolling action-adventure ‘Noctemis Reborn’

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A Classically styled, horror themed, side scrolling action-adventure game. Enjoy level after level of exciting and challenging creatures from your nightmares and terrifying environments to accompany them. Face your fears…